Hello October

Boots, Sweaters, Hot Cocoa, Pumpkins, Halloween, Fall Festivals… What is there not to like about October?

October 3rd is also the day B and I started dating! 5 years! It seems like so long ago and I can’t remember how my life was before I met him.

If ya’ll we’re wondering — I had a painful allergic reaction to peanuts last week, which explains why I have been MIA. Now that I am recovered, I will be able to post more on my blog. Here are my goals this month:


🍁 Carve a pumpkin for the first time.

🍁 Go to gym at least 3x/week.

🍁 Loose 5 lbs. Get back to 115 lbs.

🍁 Meal preps + only eating out 1x/week.

🍁 Reward myself for eating clean.

🍁 Make a pumpkin pie.

🍁 Go on a hike.

🍁 Finish book & start a new one.

🍁 Blog at least 2x/week.

🍁 Drink hot cocoa with hubby + quality family time.

🍁 Attend a Fall festival.

🍁 Donate unused clothes/books to Goodwill.

What are your goals this month?

Do you love October as much as I do?

L ❤

13 thoughts on “Hello October

  1. I love October and Autumn! ❤ It's so magical. I love mist in the morning, getting dark early… It all reminds me of Poland and my Family my time there.

      1. Do it !!!! you meet all sorts of people of all ages doing it. Like a couple in their 60s. Maybe less camping for them but they were really seeing all the sites.

      2. Oh really! That’s so cool! I want to go there in February. Where exactly do you go? Do you have a family there? I hope you will like it!

      3. I have a friend studying there that I am going to visit and my other girlfriend highly recommended it….then again most of her pictures there were of beer. Hahahahaha 😂 so any place without good or cheap alcohol she will love. I am
        Excited to go !!! Warsaw, Poznan and Kraków.

      4. Beautiful cities! Especially Kraków and Poznań. Warsaw has some really good and worth seeing museums. I have never tried polish beer or alcohol but I hope you will like it! 😀

  2. I know east coast during fall is suppose to be beautiful. I think you are near east coast right ? Like NYC and Connecticut ? Or is my ignorance showing….? 😂 Washington state or DC not sure…..
    Autumn means Harry Potter and scary movie nights with friends and fam. Happy Anniversary for 3rd.

    1. I live in Virginia 😉 It is on the east coast.. I visited DC last month 😛 and Washington State is on the west coast lol. it’s ok I don’t think i’ve mentioned where I lived in my posts.

      YES! I might actually watch one of the HP movies today since there is a hurricane coming, i’ll just stay inside and drink some chai latte. 😀

  3. Nice list. Just finished No Child of Mine by Susan Lewis. You have to have the mind set for it. I also want to re-develop the muscles I once had. Thanks for stopping by;)

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