25 things about me that many people do not know

1. I was born in Ontario, but grew up in Quebec (Canada). As a result, I am fluent in French.

2. I was a military brat (now I am a military wife!). I lived on a military base in Canada for a few years.

3. I was an altar server every sunday (and holidays) from 9-13 years old. I don’t consider myself super religious, but I do believe in God.

4. I’ve never had a father figure and sometimes I am sad about it because I figured that my life would have been completely different and easier if my dad had supported us.

5. I initially wanted to be a nurse, like my mom, but found out soon enough that I am horrible in science.

6. I smoked cigarettes when I was 18-22 to relieve the stress from life and college. I can’t stand the smell anymore.

7. In my teen & college days, I dated guys that were not good for me. I was desperate for that fairytale kind of love. Luckily, I found my husband when I was in my second year 😉

8. I’m allergic to peanut butter and mosquitos. I found this out a few years ago.

9. I LOVE Korean and Filipino teleseries! New K-drama? Chances are I’ve seen it! I only knew one girl that was as obsessed as me… she was my co-worker at the bank I used to work at.

10. I played varsity basketball for 5 years in one of the best female H.S. basketball programs in Canada. I was a point guard despite my 5’1 height.

11. I also ran track and field every year in high school.

12. I have completed many 5K races, but never a marathon. It’s one of my dreams to finish one by the time I am 40.

13. I learned how to cook real food from my husband and youtube! There’s a lot of knowledge out there. Use it!

14. I am a huge proponent of DIY to save money. I made my own wedding invitations and programs. I always make my own Chai latte from scratch instead of purchasing it at the grocery store or Starbucks (You can save a lot of money!).

15. I am a huge control-freak, OCD – call it whatever you want. I get really stressed when things don’t go as planned (shortness of breath, etc.). My husband can attest to this!

16. I dated my now-husband for almost 5 years before we got married. We were in a long-distance relationship during that time and gone through 2 deployments.

17. I hate the sound (the beep) of the microwave, so I ALWAYS stop it before it hits 0.

18. I was prescribe pills when I was 22 to soothe my chronic migraines. I would often loose my vision and become nauseated before the migraine starts… It’s better now since I had the pills.

19. I love Korean and Mexican food! Fajitas, tacos, bibimbap, Kim Chi! I would joke around telling my mom I must be Korean or Mexican in another life.

20. I am obsessed with Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. Instead of watching Christmas-related movies/shows, I watch the LOTR trilogy. My brother even bought me the extended version Blu-Ray CDS last Christmas.

21. I am “apparently” a major hoarder. My husband loves to say that. To my defense, we have a small place and not enough space for my clothes, shoes and memorable things.

22. I lived in a very multicultural place growing up, so my best friends were Romanian, Laotians, Haitians, Bangali, Indian, etc. I have been exposed to so many cultures that I learned a lot hanging around them and their families.

23. I learned a lot about stocks & investments from my husband even though I used to work for 3 years in the investment department of a bank.

24. As a result of being mixed, I do not look like my siblings. They are both fair skin with green eyes. I am the only one with darker skin, hispanic complexion and brown eyes.

25. Christmas is my favorite holiday. Not for the gifts. I love spending time with with my family, going to Church, the Christmas food 🙂 and snow. Christmas in Canada is always memorable.

What are things that people do not know about you?




5 thoughts on “25 things about me that many people do not know

  1. I actually do that too….number 17😐
    Christmas is also my fave holiday but I also think cause I am a January baby.
    Korean drama obsession disease is real….I have had it for 4 years now. My family don’t understand it.
    Sorry for the commenting spam today….

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