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45. Learn How to Shoot a Gun

Last weekend, I accomplished number 45 on my bucket list – LEARN HOW TO SHOOT A GUN!

My husband’s cousin asked us if we wanted to go to the shooting range with him on base. Of course, we said yes! Well I did of course. My husband did not shoot with us, but he did stay behind the glass to watch us shoot. He still does not like to hear the sound of gun shots because of his experience in Afghanistan a few years ago. He was nice enough to come with us.

The experience itself was great! The staff at the shooting range were kind. My husband’s cousin taught me how to shoot the guns that he brought at the shooting range. My favorite was shooting the MR4. It’s much easier to shoot since it is a gun that requires that you lay on the ground. I can’t remember what the other gun was called, but it was harder to aim because it was heavy.

Overall, It was fun and exhilirating. I never would have thought that I would have great aim and be a good shooter, but I guess I am! It was scarier at first to hold a gun and hear the gun shots. On top of that, there was a guy next us that had a shotgun and TRUST ME, it was so loud that it gave me small heart attacks every time he would shoot.

I still can’t believe that a lot of people own guns in America. Not that I am against it — not at all — I think the 2nd amendment is great. I am just not used to seeing so many people with guns. I lived in Canada my whole life and I didn’t even know anyone back home that owned a gun.

Anyway — I loved accomplishing this! It was such a fun outing and I am happy I was able to share this with family and with my husband watching over me 😉




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