Post-Wedding: How to Clean your Dress Without Paying a Fortune


You just paid over 20K for your dream wedding? You got your happily-ever-after? You just got back from your honeymoon? Chances are you do not want to spend 200-500$ to get your dress cleaned, dry-cleaned and preserved.

I love DIYs! This is why I searched all over the internet how to clean my wedding dress without the huge bill hanging over my head.

How to Clean your Wedding Dress for 5$

What You Need:

  • A toothbrush or a white cloth for scrubbing
  • Detergent
  • Oxi Clean Versatile Stain Remover Powder

This product is probably one the best things invented for DIY brides like myself. I bought this at Walgreens for 4$ (-1$ manufacturer coupon). It can also be found at Dollar General for 3.50$. It removes stains from white and even colored clothes, so you can still use it once you are done cleaning your dress.


1. Inspect your dress to look for any tough stains (like wine, grease, etc.).

2. Rinse your dress. I had to do this thoroughly because I had make up stains and beach sand on my dress.

3. Fill your bathtub with warm water (not too hot) and put laundry detergent in it. Add 2 cups of Oxi Clean Stain remover powder. Put dress in for 2-3 hours.

4. In a small bowl, add warm water and Oxi Clean Powder. Use your toothbrush/white towel and scrub GENTLY all the major stains.

5. Keep dress in bathtub overnight. In the morning, rinse dress and hang on a garment clothing rack and leave it in the bathtub so that the water does not drip on the floor, like this:

PLEASE DO NOT HANG YOUR DRESS ON A HANGER WHILE IT IS STILL WET! This will damage the dress! The bottom of the dress will most likely have a lot of water and will pull the top of the dress. This is why you need to gently put the dress on a garment rack so that both sides of the dress are evenly drying on the rack.

Depending on how big your dress is, it will take a day for it to dry.


SAVING MONEY IS AWESOME! I can’t believe how amazing this product is. ALL THE VISIBLE STAINS ARE GONE!





6 thoughts on “Post-Wedding: How to Clean your Dress Without Paying a Fortune

      1. I’d keep mine. I know it might be pointless to keep expensive dress in a closet but I’m one of those people who just collect memories. I even have like school letters from my first bf ever when we were 12 haha.

      2. I am like that too! But my husband says i’m a major hoarder so I am trying to work on that! It’s a bit difficult for us because we move around a lot..that’s why I am thinking of selling it.

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