September Goals 09.01.2015

September 1st — Today marks our 1st month anniversary as husband and wife!

September also means that it will be cold soon and we will be surrounded by everything pumpkin (PUMPKIN SPICE CHAI!!)

Fall is my favorite season — probably because the weather is not too hot, yet not too cold. I love the smell of leaves. I love Halloween.

The first of every month is also the time I set goals for myself:

  1. Learn 5 new dishes that I can cook for my husband.
  2. Read 2 books this month.
  3. Become more organized.
  4. Learn something new every day of the month.
  5. Get our wedding pictures printed & organized.
  6. Send Thank You cards to guests for their gifts and presence.
  7. Donate clothes to Goodwill.
  8. Have my wedding dress cleaned.
  9. Learn extreme couponing.
  10. Work on my resume.



7 thoughts on “September Goals 09.01.2015

  1. Extreme couponing sounds dangerous tho! But also exciting. It’s addictive but how much money you can save on it, amazing.
    Pumpkin spice chai… Hm… I would have to try Pumpkin Spice Latte (or something like this) in Starbucks.
    You are a good wife! 😀

    1. You do not need to go to Starbucks to try it! There are so many recipes online and you can do it at the comfort of your home. The ingredients are straightforward. Don’t pay 5$ + for that 😉 I learned how to coupon through “Krazy Coupon Lady” blog. Every time there is a sale I know it and 75% of the time I get free stuff. My husband loves it! 😉

      1. This is amazing, I wish to learn it too! Can’t believe how much money people are saving on it, when I’m watching programmes about it on TLC.

  2. congrats on your first month anniversary and all to come….welcome to fall, my favorite season as well, my daughter loves this time of year also,, she just sent me a text the other morning…mom, all things pumpkin are here!!!, my mother loved the fall also, especially the change of the color of leave, she called it Autumn, I call it fall…..love your list for the month, something I may borrow from you…LOL….there are wonderful web sites for coupons..I made pillows out of my wedding dress for my bed, I had it cleaned and a few years later it was just hanging there, I thought it had such wonderful memories and if I had any girls, they would want there own, mine had daisy lace and pearls hand sew on each daisy, so instead of keeping it I made several different shaped pillows for my bed…just a thought……have a great month….

    1. it’s funny how you mention wedding dress… I have to clean it. I am thinking of cleaning it myself DIY style 😉 I can’t really afford to have it dry cleaned so I found a way to do it myself 🙂 Will post something about it.

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