Military Newlyweds: Getting your Dependent I.D.

First comes Love, then comes Marriage, now it's time to 
get your military paperwork STRAIGHT.

Last tuesday, I was able to get my dependent I.D. on base with my husband. Granted – I still do not have a social security number. We kind of dragged our feet with that, which basically screwed us over. The social security department will not grant us a number because my visa has expired. However (dont worry), I am still a legal alien according to U.S. immigration.

Our file is still pending at USCIS. We sent all the important paperwork last monday to prove that we are indeed married since August.

Back to the military-related stuff — when the lady at front desk called my name, she said I could not get an I.D. because they needed my social security number. Technically, she is right — social security basically identifies you and is 100% necessary to enter you in DEERS. You need two pieces of ID (passport, driver’s or birth certificate), social security number, as well as the marriage certificate.

I was kind of bummed at first because we drove all the way on base to get this done. We didn’t want to waste our time, so my husband asked if he can get a new military I.D. for himself, since his old one was not scanning properly. We were then seated at another desk and the lady asked us if we were married and how come I wasn’t in the system.

She didn’t know all the details — so I explained it to her. She then told me that she could get me a temporary card — one valid for 90 days! I was ecstatic because I did not have medical insurance and I was worried that something could potentially happen to me and I wouldn’t be covered. All I need to do is come back once I have my social security and she will issue me one under my married name. For those who do not know — a military dependent I.D. allows to be covered under Tricare, to have access to military base, NEX, commissary, and other social services.

Honestly, I was really relieved. It’s already difficult being an immigrant because I have to 1) wait on immigration to approve our petition and issue me a green card 2) Change my driver’s license to an American one and 3) Open U.S. bank accounts. In order to do that, I need a social security number, which I don’t have. 

I hope our immigration petition will be approved soon so I can work and get all these small details done.

I really think that I am starting out a new FRESH life in the United States.



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