Washington, D.C.

Last weekend, my husband and I spent time in Washington, D.C. It wasn’t our first time – we visited the area back in August 2011. However, because we were on a time crunch, we were only able to see a couple of touristic places.

This time we saw the Capitol building, the White House (took only a couple of pictures), the Washington Monument and the Smithsonian American History Museum.

© Lily P. Photography

I suggest visiting all the Smithsonian museums because they are free to the public. We all LOVE free, right?

We visited the Smithsonian Institute – American History. We learned about the American flag, how it was create, who made it and we could also see the first American flag ever made. The museum was so great; I wish we had more time to visit everything.

© Lily P. Photography


We also explored the area, took pictures of historical buildings and walked around for a good 5 miles! Everything is accessible via public transportation, but you can also walk like we did, if the weather permits it.

© Lily P. Photography

Where we stayed

My husband, his friends and I stayed at the Churchill Hotel in the Dupont Circle District. I loved the vintage hotel and how it was decorated! SO CHIC!

We were able to get a discount on rooms, paying 104$/night (original approx. 150$/night). This does not include parking of course. We valet parked our car next door for 38$/night. Everything was walking distance from our hotel, which was great because parking is scarce.

Have you ever been to Washington, D.C.? What did you visit?

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