Korean Food Lover

Back in March, my then-fiance (now husband) and I visited Toronto for much needed quality time. One thing we love to do together, besides visiting historical sites, is discovering new restaurants and eating delicious food.

On our first day in the city, we went to a Korean/Japanese restaurant called BapBo. In my opinion, the place was decorated more like it was a Korean restaurant.

It was a small place on busy Yonge street, close to the Eaton Center mall. From what I heard, it is located in Old Chinatown Toronto.


Bapbo” means ‘Food Maniac’ someone who love to enjoy food.


DELISH DELISH DELISH! I wish there was a better word to describe the food. Everything was GOOD.  The place was clean, the food was warm, waiters were friendly and food came out under 30 minutes.

The only downside is that the food was a little bit on the pricier side, more than what I am used to in Montreal.



Korean Rice Cake ddukbokki


Kimchi jjigae (김치찌개): A soup made with mainly kimchi, pork, and tofu. It is a common lunch meal or compliment to a meat course. It is normally served in a stone pot, still boiling when it arrives at the table.

Galbi (갈비) : pork or beef ribs, cooked on a metal plate over charcoal in the centre of the table. Often called Korean Bbq.

Have you ever tried Korean food? If so, what did you try? Did you love it as much as we did?



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