Leave footprints of love & kindness wherever you go.

Kindness. Compassion. Empathy -- Can make a difference.

Kind people are my type of people.  

“You can and should keep your composure and happiness
regardless of circumstances – regardless of your friends,
family and co-workers – regardless of gossip, sarcasm, and negativity.
Nonetheless, life is much easier and more pleasant
when you spend as much time as possible
in the company of enthusiastic positive people –
not necessarily those who agree with you,
but those who respect your right to your point of view.”
Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Positivity and kindness are contagious. You should surround yourself with people who see greatness in you, even when you don’t see it yourself. Simply put, I like kind people because they make me happy. Friendly and helpful. Kind in words and acts.


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