Reasons Why I Love Living in America

I am a Canadian expat, living in the United States with my husband and chi puppy.  Canada was my home for 20+ years and I do miss it occasionally because of the French culture and all my friends and family live there. Sometimes I feel lonely when my husband is away, but most of the time I think of how lucky I am to be living in the USA. I could think of many reasons. Here is a summary:

Friendly, courteous, welcoming people

Canadians are known to be easygoing and polite people (for the most part). Well, Well, Americans can be nice and friendly too! Since day 1, many people have gone out of their way to help me settle in. People say HELLO to me on the street, even if I don’t know them. Neighbors are interested in getting to know me and even take me out for coffee to have a little chat.

It’s not that Canadians do not do these things. They probably do too. However, I lived in a big city in Canada, so most people  tend to keep to themselves.

When traveling abroad, people would assume that I am American (because I spoke English), but that should be a compliment and should not be associated with bad reputation. Americans are helpful, friendly and welcoming people. Why do you think America is a melting pot?

Traveling without leaving the country

There are so many beautiful places to visit that are easy to access without even taking the plane. Many drive from one state to another for their annual family vacation. I don’t blame Americans that do not have passports. Sure — it is nice to discover other cultures and other countries, but Americans have beaches, mountains, historic sites at their footstep. 

Convenience saves a lot of time

I LOVE that Americans have drive-thru pharmacies, ATMs, restaurants, coffee shops (STARBUCKS!). It’s just convenient for everyone. You can spend time doing much more useful stuff. I am a patient person but when I have to wait 30 minutes waiting in line in a fast food joint, I start to get irritated. Also, many grocery stores are open late, some even 24/7. It’s convenient if you do not have a 9-5 job.

I am happy that I now can call America my home.


L  ❤️


3 thoughts on “Reasons Why I Love Living in America

  1. I love this post as I’m an American expat in England right now and it’s really interesting to see what America ‘looks like’ to an expat in America. The point about passports is spot on–it almost seems to be the minority of people who do have them! I get British people telling me they think Americans don’t care about other countries, but with so many different landscapes and ‘cultures’ to see in our own country, it’s easy to get lost in that!

    1. I do think Americans think about other countries! I don’t want to sound bias, but Americans do a lot of humanitarian work and fund many projects. I also noticed Americans like to get involve in their communities by volunteering.

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