Our Military Wedding

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More on our Wedding

We had what I like to call A MILITARY WEDDING – the only thing that was military-related was the formal suit that he wore. We didn’t have the Arch of Sabres because our wedding was planned in less than 8 weeks. For those that are not familiar with the military tradition, you can see a link from a video I found on youtube.

My family and friends (all came from Canada) loved that he wore his military suit. It’s not something we see very often in Canada. My husband is very proud of his time in the Navy – he’s been on active duty for 10 years and deployed once in Afghanistan.

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6 thoughts on “Our Military Wedding

  1. Ny daughters husband dd a tour in Iraq he was not able to wear his uniform because he was out, but the four best men work their dress uniforms, really made a lovely site…and all the guest enjoyed it too…sounds like you also had a lovely wedding….congratulations on your new life together….

    1. My husband is still in and so was his best man and cousin. They didn’t wear their uniform though.

      I was not aware that once you are out you cannot wear the uniform. I’ve seen fathers who have served and retired still wear it to their daughter’s wedding. I’ll have to ask my husband about that.

      Thanks for visiting my blog

  2. Oh okay. It might be a personal decision – just so you know the formal suit is VERY expensive. If he had a civilian suit already or he rented one, it would probably have cost him less.

    At least for the civilian suit, he could wear it again – but the military suit, he could only wear it on special military occasions.

    It was probably a good decision on his part 😉

  3. I went to a wedding in London, the husband wore his military gear but there was no other soldiers there. It was still very nice though.

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