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Business woman

After all the DIY that I did for my wedding, I decided that I am going to start my own baking business! I will specialize in custom cakes, cupcakes and other speciality desserts. My fave hobby is to the bake, so this will be a great adventure.

I am still planning everything out before I launch my business. So happy, I will finally be able to utilize my business side. I took several classes back in college, and before anyone says anything, I know classes will not make a successful business venture. If anything, I will still be a better me – by gaining more experience.

So excited!

L ❤️


5 thoughts on “Business woman

    1. No 😉 I guess it is a bit misleading lol, but I can make those. I will be posting pictures once I get my Canon fixed.
      I saw that you are from Montreal. I am too 🙂 We actually went to the same University, I graduated in 2012.

      1. Oh that’s nice! There aren’t a lot of bloggers from Montreal on WP, or maybe I just can’t seem to find them. I graduated just a year after you 🙂

  1. How exciting! It’s my dream job to open a cupcake business but the truth is I’d probably prefer just eating them.

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