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Wedding Season: How to Save Money?

I recently married the love of my life on August 1st, 2015 at a Catholic church in Virginia after almost 5 years of long-distance dating. Like most couples, we really wanted to stay within a budget. Our budget was initially 10K, but we then changed it to 15K because we realized that many services in the area were way more expensive than we thought.

Here is the print screen of the excel spreadsheet that I used:

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 10.29.59 AM


– DIY invitations & programs

Purchase paper & ribbons at Walmart, Target, Michaels or any craft store. I purchase our invitations at Walmart and printed them at home.

– Do your own bouquets or purchase silk flowers

One thing I regret is not doing my own bouquets. I bought our flowers for about 400$ at Norfolk Wholesale Floral and I was really disappointed. The flowers were basically brown by the time they got to the Church.

– Make your own ceremony decorations My mother-in-law and cousins made the pew bows with ribbons they bought at a craft’s store for 1$ each. Our florist was charging 12.99$ per bow. WHAT A RIP OFF!

– Don’t opt for an Open Bar if you’re on a strict budget My husband was adamant on having open bar at our wedding, so we couldn’t save in that area. If we didn’t have it at our wedding, we would have probably saved a good 1,200$.

– Opt for a Brunch instead of a dinner menu We had our wedding ceremony early in the morning, so we opted for a brunch with a breakfast buffet and chicken and pasta as lunch add-ons.


  • Ring for him includes also a white gold necklace, which was necessary because he works in the medical field. We did get 15% military discount at Zales. They had a sale going on already 35% off selected jewelry, so we got my earrings for 40$ and his ring for 250$.
  • My husband’s wedding attire was slightly more expensive than your typical suit. He wore his formal military suit and had to buy all the ribbons that he had earned over the years (he’s been serving for 10 years now!). Civilians should rent instead of buying their wedding suit. It’s usually less expensive, if you do not own one yet.
  • We were lucky enough to have a great baker in our family. My husband made our fabulous wedding cake:


Have fun planning 😉

L ❤️


4 thoughts on “Wedding Season: How to Save Money?

    1. It is actually more than we thought it would cost. I do suggest doing your own flowers. It would save you a lot of money. Costco & Sam Clubs have a flower department and you can definitely pay for a whole set of flowers for only 200$.

  1. WOWZA!!!! I’ve always heard the east coast is pricey compared to west but that’s wild it was 15k even with DIY involvement! I scraped by at 8k and was bummed on that

    1. Yes! The reception cost us the most because we had open bar. We had barely 50 guests. Also getting married in a church is expensive these days. It was impossible to find a decent photographer at a budget price. We got more than one third back from gifts. You only get married once right?

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