What I Have Accomplished in 2014 and (So Far) in 2015

Every year, I write on my blog about my accomplishments and what I look forward to achieving the following year. I think it’s important to have goals and to work on being a better you.

In 2014,

1. Saved the 20K (and more) that I set as a financial goal back in 2013.

As I get older, I do feel that I have become more financially responsible. I don’t eat as much out and I don’t go on huge shopping sprees. Not that I can’t, it’s more like I do not have the energy to do those kind of tasks and would rather spend my time on more useful things. I knew the day would come when I would need the money (i.e our wedding and me moving to the U.S.). It’s all about planning. I feel that is something that is important to teach kids early on. (More about this in my financial planning section and what I have learned working at a Bank)

2. I conquered my fear of driving and took driving classes. AND GOT MY LICENSE!

I finally gathered all my courage and took driving classes. I knew that it would be absolutely necessary for me to have a driver’s license in the U.S. because I couldn’t rely on my fiance 100% of the time (he is in the military). I took the classes and I admit I was a nervous wreck. I’m not the best driver but I’m definitely not the worst. I was supposed to take the practical test late December but ended up taking it late January because work schedule overlapping. Needless to say I GOT IT with flying colors. The driving instructor was pretty impressed, even my parallel parking was on point. After I received my license, I felt like the world just stopped and at that point I knew I could do anything that I set my mind to do. 

In 2015,

1. (FINALLY) got my fiance visa and will be moving to the U.S. to marry the love of my life.

A little over a year, my fiance and I of almost 5 years now embarked on a long and stressful journey called Operation Fiance Immigration. We gathered the necessary paperwork in December and my fiance filed the petition in February for me to move to the U.S. It took around 7 months to get the petition approved. I was only able to book my interview at my local consulate 6 months later, not because the system was slow but because we had deployment issues, which I will not discuss further here. In total 13 months! I am not preparing for the move and realise that I have way too much stuff (probably would be considered a hoarder by many), so I am gathering the stuff I will give away to good will.

2. Choose our Ceremony venue (Catholic Church), decided on our wedding date and bought my wedding dress.

A lot of long distance wedding preparation, getting baptismal certifcate from the parish I was baptised (I was baptismal in a canadian military chapel), trying on dresses and shipping to my fiance military address, bridal shower preps (my mom is hosting but needed help since my sis is out of town). I am still in the prep stage until now March 2015! Wedding date is August 1!!!

3. Decided on the date I would leave Canada.

It’s all about timing. Our reality is that we are not like typical couples. We are a military family. He has his schedule that he can’t always disclose to me in advance. Now that he knows when he would be definitely on shore I will purchase my plane ticket soon and ship any boxes I have left. I will also have to give notice to my boss at least 3 weeks in advance. I can’t wait for this new chapter in my life to start.



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