What I’ve Accomplished in 2013

Got a new job, a better title and salary

A month before my 8th month temporary contract ended, I was determined to find a stable and permanent position at the Bank. I applied to several positions, but only received one call. Thankfully, the Director had faith in my capabilities and liked my personality. She called me back 2 days later, offering me the job at a slightly better salary. Of course, I accepted. Six months later, I received a promotion – a new title and a salary boost.

Finished paying off my student loan

University was not cheap at all. 15K in debt, I was determined to pay it all off by the end of 2013. I finished paying it all in September 2013, after 12-months of savings and personal sacrifice.

Thought hard about my future

In 2013, I decided to continue my studies. I started taking several prerequisite courses for an Accounting-Financial degree I intend to pursue. So far, I have taken Macroeconomics (96%), Remedial H.S. Mathematics (94%) and University Statistics (A+). I completed them and I was at the top of my classes.

Lost weight

Since I graduated from University, I had a hard time losing the extra pounds I had gained since 2009. When 2013 came, I decided to take matters into my own hands and joined the local gym. I used to weigh 135 lbs. Since I became more active, I lost 10 lbs. I am still working on losing another 10 lbs.

Participated in two 5k races

In April 2013, I participated in the 5k Scotia Bank in Montreal. I wasn’t exactly in top shape at the time, but I still managed to finish it in 28:53. I then challenged myself to another 5k race in October 2013, after 6 months of training, I managed to finish in 24:53! It was hard but it was still an awesome feeling.

Traveled to new places

In March-April 2013, I traveled with my fiancé to San Diego, California. We also got the chance to visit Los Angeles, which has always been my dream. Also, in September 2013, I visited New York City with my mother. It wasn’t my first time there (actually my 5th time!), but it was hers. I am happy I got to show her around. Lastly, in October 2013, I traveled to Toronto, Ontario (Canada). My friends and I visited the CN Tower and walked on Yonge Street. We also visited an old friend.

Learn how to be a saver, rather than a spender

After paying off my student loans, I was determined to save a chunk of my salary for traveling, my future wedding, and my retirement. I will not say how much I saved, but I did learn the value of money as I was working at my 8 to 5 job. I became more conscious this year of my purchases. Now, every time I shop, I ask myself Do I really need this? Will I used this again in the future? Can I live without it?


Obtain my driver’s license.

Complete Microeconomics, Calculus, and Linear Algebra.

Lose another 10 lbs (reach my goal weight of 115).

Read 15 books by 2015.

Continue to be a saver, rather than a spender.

Do more productive things with my time. Deactivate my Facebook account.

Apply to the University of London – for the BSc in Accounting and Finance.


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